Public Displays of Affection

This is my fourth trip to Europe and over these trips, I’ve learned to expect to see a little more hot, steamy, kissy, action right out in public than I’m used to back in the US. However, this part of Europe (Holland and Belgium) seems to have beaten out even the famous lovers of Paris because I can’t seem to turn a corner without seeing a couple going at it.

And it’s not just young, puppy-dog lovers at bars, it’s older couples too, and it’s everywhere. Just today, I was waiting for a tram at a metro station when I heard a kissing sound so loud and pronounced, Bugs Bunny could have been giving it to Elmur Fudd. I was fine with that. It’s better than the couples who just go all in with tongues and everything. However, after the fifth or sixth smacking sound, I started to get annoyed.

See, I figured that this couple was separating temporarily and this was their loving goodbye. I actually consider this an appropriate time for public displays of affection, as public transit is where many people split up, and it also happens to be, well, public. However, if you are going to kiss your boo goodbye, it should be just that. A kiss goodbye. This couple was loudly kissing, at intervals so regular I could have set my clock, for a good 5-8 minutes. One peck right when the tram got there would have been appropriate.

The worst part was, when the tram got there, they just hopped right on it together! So they weren’t even saying goodbye. Fortunately, they kept their lips apart for the tram ride, though I don’t see what the big difference is on the tram versus the metro station.

Most of the public displays of affection here have not bothered me as much as that couple, but I don’t understand how it is enjoyable to kiss that much in public either. Sneaking a quick one can be kind of fun, but when you’re in the middle of many people and know they all can see, doesn’t that sort of spoil the moment? Is it really so distressing to have your lovers face farther than a foot away from yours, that you can’t go on a day trip without getting some oral support from your lover before getting home? Perhaps I’m just a bit jaded, but I feel nothing heartwarming when I see these couples, and I will not miss seeing these displays when I get back home.


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