You want frites with that?

So after being on my trip for nearly two weeks, I have tried fries in Amsterdam, Belgium, and Rotterdam, and I  have somehow missed the ones that are so mind blowingly good people all over the world recommend you try them while you’re here. Or perhaps it’s one of those legends that doesn’t live up to the hype.

I can’t remember who said it, but on our first night, someone ate a fry and said, “Never have I eaten a fry that tastes so much like a potato.” The point stood, but there’s nothing to go crazy over. They taste like potatoes and not a lot else, unless they’re drenched in ketchup and mayonnaise, which they often are. I gave the mayonnaise thing a try and it is definitely not for me, and to make matters worse, they might as well have applied it with an ice cream scoop. The giant glob on top made me want to retch a little, and the rest were untouched.

I’m a big fan of fries without sauce, but these ones need more seasoning to make that a good option. Adding salt and pepper makes them tasty, but it’s still nothing special. Overall, I have eaten many fries back home that are better than any of the ones I have found here. In particular, I recommend the fries at Shultzy’s Sausage.


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